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Best Sellers Case: 12 Bags of Sugar + Spice Pretzel Bites and 12 Bags of Coffee + Cream Pretzel Bites (total of 24 7 oz. bags)

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24 total bags of our two top-selling flavors!

12 Bags of Sugar + Spice:  Meet your snacking BFF. Perfectly sweet and salty and just right to satisfy any craving! We start with sourdough pretzels, broken to perfection, and add our special blend of sugar and spices for a truly delectable treat. We’ll refrain from using the word “addicted”, but you’ll definitely want to enjoy (and share) these pretzels on the reg. Pro-tip: Dunk a few in your coffee or sprinkle on top of ice cream.

12 Bags of Coffee + Cream:  You’ll totally dig these sourdough pretzels, blended with our signature sugar and spices and a bonus caffeinated kick. Coffee-flavored pretzels? Trust our creative process. We use only the finest beans sourced from our favorite roaster, Armeno Coffee. These pretzels are sure to give you a little boost of energy to get across the finish line, whether that’s tackling a mountain of laundry, wrapping up a presentation, or hey, enjoy them while doing absolutely nothing at all. You’ll be reveling in their deliciousness in no time flat.

Looking for one bag?  The Sugar + Spice listing is here; the Coffee + Cream listing is here.