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Fun + Fruity Case: 8 Bags of Lemon + Poppy Pretzel Bites, 8 Bags of Berries + Cream Pretzel Bites, 8 Bags of Orange + Ginger Pretzel Bites (total of 24 7 oz. bags)

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24 total bags of our three delicious fruit flavors!

8 Bags of Lemon + Poppy:  Inspired by our favorite muffin, these Lemon + Poppy Pretzel Bites are bold and bright! With a powerful punch of lemon and a sprinkling of poppy seeds, your taste buds will delight in this flavorful combination that does not exist elsewhere on a pretzel (for real, that's why we created it). Delicious right out of the bag or sprinkled over ice cream!

8 Bags of Berries + Cream:  With a sweet strawberry flavor and a hint of cream, our Berries + Cream Pretzel Bites are a fruity treat! In one bite, you'll happily experience sweet, salty, tangy and crunchy. Enjoy this flavor twist that's great for giving or keeping all to yourself!

8 Bags of Orange + Ginger:  Think of an elevated creamsicle: Orange and cream with a subtle hint of ginger coats hearty sourdough pretzel pieces. A burst of citrus flavor and a satisfying crunch makes each bag a flavorful snacking experience! 

Looking for one bag?  The Lemon + Poppy listing is here, the Berries + Cream listing is here, and the Orange + Ginger listing is here.